Wash 2016 v2

Wash 2016 v1 (id 80)
Extra 300 LX (id 82)


Model name: Wash 2016 v2
First flight: Jan 2016
Activity years: 2016-17
Brand: J. Hecht design
Category: F3P
Wingspan: 89 cm
Length: 110 cm
Weight: 55g
Propulsion: Glavak - SG CRE 02 V9 (12.3g)
Controler: YGE 7S (0.8g)
Battery: LiPo 2s/138mAh
Propeller: Glavak SG 13x3.8 and 13x3.8L ultra light
Receiver: Futaba R2106GF (lightened)
Servos: 1 Spektrum A2020
2 Spektrum A2010
Notes: My own carbon building, based on the drawings of J. Hecht.
Carbone parts, covered, with hinge weight 10.0g..
After painting parts painted weight 12.0g.
Frame assembled weight 19g.
All electronics weight 13g.