Wash 2016 v1

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Wash 2016 v2 (id 81)


Model name: Wash 2016 v1
First flight: Oct 2015
Activity years: 2015-16
Brand: J. Hecht design
Category: F3P
Wingspan: 89 cm
Length: 109 cm
Weight: 61g
Propulsion: Glavak - SG CRE 02 V9 (12.3g)
Controler: YGE 7S (0.8g)
Battery: LiPo 2s/138mAh
Propeller: Glavak SG 13x3.8 and 13x3.8L ultra light
Receiver: Futaba R2106GF (lightened)
Servos: 1 Spektrum A2020
2 Spektrum A2010
Notes: Adaptation to improve the rollings.
Depron parts weight 18.5g.
Depron parts painted weight 19.9g.
Frame assembled weight 27.5g.