Wash 2019

Fun Ray (id 98)
Extra 300 2019 (id 100)


Model name: Wash 2019
First flight: Feb 2019
Activity years: 2019-23
Brand: J. Hecht design
Category: F3P
Wingspan: 89 cm
Length: 111 cm
Weight: 50.1g
Propulsion: Glavak - SG CRE 03 V15
Controler: MX-3A
Battery: LiPo 1s/130mAh
Propeller: Glavak SG-18in
Receiver: Futaba R3206SBM
Servos: 1 Spektrum A2020
2 Spektrum A2010
Notes: Build with molded carbon parts.
Mylar between 2um and 3um, depending on parts.
Compared to v2018, the carbon frame is more rigid (more 0.7mm carbon).
The fuselage has much more surface.