Wash 2018

Extra 300 104'' v1 (id 93)
Yak-130 (id 95)


Model name: Wash 2018
First flight: Jan 2018
Activity years: 2018-22
Brand: J. Hecht design
Category: F3P
Wingspan: 89 cm
Length: 111 cm
Weight: 46.1g
Propulsion: Glavak - SG CRE 02 V6
Controler: MX-3A
Battery: LiPo 1s/130mAh
Propeller: Glavak SG-16in
Receiver: Futaba R2106GF (lightened)
Servos: 1 Spektrum A2020
2 Spektrum A2010
Notes: It is the first Wash with molded carbon rod.
This avoid constraints of the binded techniques.
At the end, it allows a lighter carbon structure.