Arrow v6

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Model name: Arrow v6
First flight: Jan 2015
Activity years: 2015
Brand: Donatas Design
Category: Indoor aerobatics
Wingspan: 87 cm
Length: 95 cm
Weight: 137g
Propulsion: AXI 2203/Race, vector trust
Controler: YGE 12S
Battery: LiPo 2s/325mAh
Propeller: Glavk SG 9x3,8 carbon
Receiver: DSM2 7ch
Servos: 4 servos JR DS319HV
Notes: I tried to lightened as much as possible.
Some parts where replaced by new ones to save maximum weight.

Construction details

Airplane finished:

Motor 18.9g, controller 7.4g:

Vector thrust:


Ailerons horns used: 0.7g (instead of 1.5g). Thanks Serge ! :

Contenu du kit

Accessories (most were not used):

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